</3 (faithxlost) wrote in icon_maker,

I have a Marilyn Manson request...well...a couple...

Ok...well, i want the text on it to be like this
title or description

First request....
title or description
And have the texot on the bottom right hand corner...or something...saying "Kiss me lover boy..." But like the icon i showed up above, but instead of red, like, blue , or purple....

And then the second...
Have this picture of Charles manson
title or description
then on a black screen have a + sign.
Then on another show this picture of Marilyn Monroe
title or description...Then!
have a = sign
Then show this pic of Marilyn Manson
title or description
But just his head..if you must, but try and get in as much as possible

If the second one is to much....Then that's ok. But if not, then PLEASE!!! do
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