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The One Ring!

Credit is a must!
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Okay, I am not good with icons or uploading them or anything. You seem to know what you are doing, but I don't. So I have a few questions.
Where do you FIND icons?
How do you upload them?
What do you save it to?
Everytime I try to upload a pic. it says ERROR!!!
I really want an icon but I am not to good with this stuff...
Thank You.
I just got the e-mail notification for your comment so...

Where do you FIND icons?

Every time I try to upload a pic. it says ERROR!!!
If your icon is larger than 20 or so kilobytes, for some reason lj will not upload them right, (they will not believe the people that have this problem.) What I do is upload them to a image hosting site then upload them to lj's servers using the From URL: option.
A good hosting site is