Amelia Bedelia (lyingforyou) wrote in icon_maker,
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Small Request...but Odd

I hope someone can do this one...:)

Alright, basically what I want is an animated icon. I want her face and wrists, and the words "I don't need therapy... this is my therapy" to flash or blink or whatever. I'd like the words to be a deep red. If someone can pull this one off, please do! I'll credit and all that jazz if done! Thanks!!
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I think this is what you meant.. =)

I hope you like it - Credit if you decide to use it!
Thanks! I downloaded a Animation Shop, but my icons aren't nearly as good as yours. What do you use?
ur icon is great!
I would like to request an pic is
I would like it to say Aun Esperando... and the words to be in pink and black if possible and the pic to be changing like fading in and out or something like that. And could you please just have my face and just me not the chairs around it and stuff. Thanks so much!
i wanted to know if you could make mea icon anything depressing if fine email me at